Paranorman Review

mom blogger los angeles review

The movie “ParaNorman” hits movie theaters today. My boys and I knew about the movie months ago because of all of the billboards around our neighborhood. At first my 6-year-old was very excited to see it, but then the zombies on the billboards started to scare him a little.

mom blogger los angeles review


My 8-year-old and I have no problem with zombies and couldn’t wait to see it.¬†We watched the trailer and my 6-year-old still seemed skeptical. Then I made the genius move of showing him the trailer to “Coraline” by the same filmmaker. Well, the button-eyed mother did not help and he said he’d rather stay home. But after seeing the movie, I think he would have liked it. It is dark and yes zombies come out of the grave, but the message of acceptance and nonconformity is good and animation is very cool to watch.

It’s about Norman, a boy who talks to dead people including his grandmother (who is voiced by Elaine Stritch). He has a gift that his father, his sister, and most kids at school have not embraced. He’s bullied by the aforementioned and has one friend who he pushes away because he’s so used to being alone.

I liked Norman because he was so serious, which you don’t often see in kids’ movies. He ends up being the only one who can save the day (of course) by talking down a witch who wants to return from the grave to take over the town.

The movie was scary in parts, but I think kids who like ghost stories will love it. And once my younger son is a little bit older, I think he will, too.