Earth Day Has Reunited Me With My Composter

My love affair with my composter is back on. I had to break it off the last time after I opened it one day and found a family of spiders. And the smell on that hot day was too much for me. That’s only part of it. I’m so lame. I could dump the food in the composter, but I wasn’t willing to put the green waste on the top.

But in honor of Earth Day I’ve been out every day this week. I can’t preach to my kids that we need to turn off the lights when leave a room, recycle, eat local food, and walk wherever we can and then be too lazy to pick leaves off the ground.

So here is my composter and I’m posting this picture on my blog so I’m guilted into using it!.

If you live in Los Angeles and want more information on composting, visit the Bureau of Sanitation website. I attended a workshop a couple of years ago and got a very good deal on this composter.