OC Blogger Bash: And Now the Pictures

In case you have not seen the posts about the OC Blogger Bash over at MomsLA or OCBloggerBash.com, let me just tell you, it was fantastic! The food, the music and especially the outfits were amazing. I was very impressed with the effort people put into their looks. Here are a few photo highlights –

Caryn Bailey took this photo of me posing with a candy cigarette
Shayna Marks and Sarah Auerswald (photo by Yvonne Condes)


Shannon of Sassy Lemonade (photo by Yvonne Condes)


(photo by Yvonne Condes)
(photo by Yvonne Condes)
The MomsLA ladies РSarah Auerswald, me, and Elise Crane Derby (photo by Yvonne Condes)
Sarah Daly, Mary Kay Holmes, Elise and Sarah (photo by Yvonne Condes)
Sarah and unidentified woman (photo by Yvonne Condes)