LA Marathon 2014 in Pictures

The LA Marathon 2014 started out beautifully. This was the view from inside of Dodger Stadium before the race.

It was a perfect morning – clear and warm.

The race started on time and I couldn’t believe that even though I was the 24,276th person to register for the race, I started to run at 7:32 a.m. only two minutes after it started.

And we were off!

Below is one of the of the many cool murals we would see along the way.


Entering Chinatown.

I love this picture because the guy next to me is so happy.

More Murals

Silverlakish area


Hollywood Boulevard


Loved the support along the way.
Little Cheerleaders

Inspiring poster of Legacy runner on Sunset Boulevard.

West Hollywood Cheerleaders

Beverly Hills РThis was where I  started to really feel the heat.

I was so happy when I entered Century City and could start looking out for friends and family.

My friend Patricia, who ran the LA Marathon with me back in 2011, met me along the course and ran from Westwood Bvld. to the VA. Was so happy to have the company. And the can of coconut water she brought for me.

One mile to go!

This was near the spot where my sister sent me a text that said, “Go Yvonne!! You’re doing great!! Love You!” It was what I needed to get me through the last mile.

I’ve never been happier to see anything in my life.

The medal was great this year and I was elated when it was put around my neck.


The rest of the afternoon was not easy. When I crossed the finish line, I saw a woman passed out on the ground and leaning against another runner and being treated, I assume, for heat exhaustion. Then at the celebration area, a man was getting sick and another woman and I went and got a police officer to call for help.

I wasn’t feeling too great myself. After I shuffled to REI in Santa Monica to meet up with husband and kids, we went to Umami Burger. My husband brought a change of clothes but I couldn’t muster up the energy to change. Luckily I didn’t need to because we enjoyed a delightful lunch outside on the patio ¬†(thank you for the marathon discount). When I got home, I was so sore and was cramping up and down my legs. I had a couple of bananas, energy drinks with potassium, and a lot of water.

By about 8 p.m., I was much better. My son showed me the poster I missed as a I ran by. I love it, especially the Origami Yoda. It says, “Love you, we do.”


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