We Have Fútbol Fever

I can’t believe it, but we have fútbol fever. We are crazy about World Cup Soccer in my house, which is funny because my boys don’t even play soccer and I had only watched one World Cup match before the tournament started. I don’t know what it is, but we couldn’t look away during the very upsetting game that sent Mexico home. And we’re planning our entire day today around watching the U.S. play Belgium.

If you too have fútbolfever you must get in on this contest. You have until July 15, 2014 to enter the #MyHouseIsMyStadium sweepstakes on the Orgullosa Facebook page, Some lucky fútbol fans will win a television, XBOX1, sound system and lots of P&G products!

We got a sample box of some of the products and they’re super handy for watching soccer (and hosting a soccer-themed birthday party) like the chip bowl above. Our ritual for watching soccer has been to catch it anywhere we can wherever we are. Here’s a picture of my husband and I stopping to watch the U.S. play Portugal the first day that our boys went off to camp.

Me and Man

If you’d like to enter the contest, upload a picture of you or you and your family celebrating your passion and pride for your colors to the Orgullosa Facebook page. The page has more details and rules for the contest.

Good Luck!

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