Interviews of Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson on

The animated movie Free Birds comes out on Friday and because of that I was able to do a roundtable interview with Amy Poehler and another with Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson for My post, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson Reveal What Kind of Dads They Are, was on the site Monday and the interview with Amy Poehler came out last week. I’ll include a link to my review on MomsLA when it’s posted. They were all hilarious and had interesting thoughts about parenting.

Before the interview with Owen and Woody, we were able to get a picture with them and the director Jimmy Hayward. I was next to Owen Wilson and I asked if I could squeeze in. He said sure and put his hand on my waste. In this picture I’m bent all the way over to the left to make that side of my waste wasn’t spilling over my jeans. So glamorous.

Yvonne Condes, Owen Wilson, Jimmy Hayward, Woody HarrelsonThe next day I took my husband and boys with me to the premiere of Free Birds in Westwood. Here are a few pics from the afternoon.

Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson at Free Birds premiere

Turkey Cookie at Free Birds Premiere
Cupcakes are Freebirds Premiere

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