Black and White

It was very black and white for me. I thought, ‘If I can run 20 miles that means I can run another marathon.’ So on Sunday, I packed my Gu, water, Motrin, and sunscreen and I headed out to run. A friend did the first 10 with me, which went by fast. To make up for the lack of company after she left I listened to Tim Gunn talk to Terry Gross about the suits he wears and the time he spent in a psychiatric hospital. Then I heard about Cheryl Strayed’s heroin addiction between accounts of her walking the Pacific Crest Trail. Finally, I settled on music to keep me going up the last steep hill from Pacific Coast Highway to Temescal Canyon Park.

This was the #ViewFromMyRun along the way.
20 miles (photos by Yvonne Condes)

I did the 20 miles and felt great, even going up the many hills I encountered, which means I will be running the Los Angeles Marathon on March 9. I hope it’s better than the last time.

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