About Yvonne

Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find stories, recipes, reviews, and a lot of pictures having to do with my life in Los Angeles. Occasionally I will rant about something that bothers me, but mostly I’m pretty zen.

I live here with my 2 wonderful boys and my lovely husband. I say he’s lovely even though we spend a lot of our time driving around with a tent trailer hooked to the back of our car looking for camp spots.

When I’m not sleeping outside, I’m running with my iphone or hiking with my kids. Or I’m cooking gluten-free meals and desserts.

Mostly what I do is work at MomsLA.com where I’m Editor and co-Founder, write articles and blog posts, or produce YouTube videos . I also have a Voices Blog on Babble called Mom o Menos, and I write for Mom.me and LatinaMom.me.

If you’d like to reach me, I’m at yvonneinla (at) yahoo (dot) com.