Dear Husband, Happy Father’s Day (A Little Late)

Two Saturdays ago, I was working diligently to finish a Father’s Day video for MomPulse. I had just pressed saved… Continue reading »


El Paso Positivo – The Summer of Getting Fit

This is the summer of getting fit for me. In March, 2011 I ran the LA marathon and gained about… Continue reading »

Story pirates perform in westwood

Story Pirates, The Lorax, and Salma Hayek

So many things happened last week, including the PS Vita MomsLA event, but the most exciting was seeing my son’s… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA


All of the sudden there were 20 people in the room. I was in labor about to deliver. This should… Continue reading »

homemad birthday card

41 Years

That’s how old I am. I can’t believe it. Last year I turned 40 and had a big bash of… Continue reading »

House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street – One of Tucson’s Banned Books

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do something about Arizona shutting down the Mexican-American studies program in… Continue reading »

Wikets new app recommendations

Wikets App for iPad and iPhone

I have a new obsession and its name is Wikets. It’s an app that allows you to recommend places, products,… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

“V is for Victory, Vatos” – Group Plans to Smuggle Banned Books Into Arizona

Last week I wrote a post for about Arizona shutting down Tucson’s Mexican American studies program. It’s racist and… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

Resolution Shmezolution: I’m Just Trying to Get Through the Day

Uggh. Everywhere I go people are talking about their New Year’s resolutions. It was even a homework assignment in my… Continue reading »

Tucson Sunset (photo by Yvonne Condes)

Road Trip to Tucson, Arizona in a Lincoln MKT

I love Tucson in the winter. It’s crisp and cold and the desert is quiet and beautiful. It’s been years… Continue reading »

Tamale assemly line (photo by Yvonne Condes

To Tamale or not to Tamale

I can remember only one time that we had homemade tamales at Christmas. My mom and a couple of her… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

Making Holiday Cookies with the Kids – Video

There are so few pictures of me when I was a kid. I am the youngest of 4 and by… Continue reading »

Piece from We Art the 99 percent at the Latino Museum in Downtown Los Angeles

We Art the 99%, Celiac Disease, and Happy Endings

Things have been very busy over at where I am editor and cofounder. I haven’t been posting as much… Continue reading »