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Yvonne in LA

No Gluten, Please

Dear Los Angeles Restaurants, Celiac Disease is real. It’s not a fad or a preference. It’s an auto-immune disorder where… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA


If you’re looking for good acting, great dialogue, and a believable storyline, don’t go see Burlesque. But if you want… Continue reading »

the talk on CBS

The Talk on CBS

There was a study earlier this year that said people who have deep and meaningful conversations are happier. I believe… Continue reading »


Itchy and Scratchy

I love my kids and I feel like I’m a pretty tough mom, but if my kids come home with… Continue reading »

harry potter on kinect


Life would be so much easier around my house if everyone (or anyone) listened to me. Why, why won’t they… Continue reading »

santa monica farmers market peppers

Market Meetup at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica

I’ve been to the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, but I had never really experienced it before last week. I… Continue reading »

cast of acts of love

Autism Speaks: Acts of Love

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Acts of Love: Parenthood, a wonderful benefit and award ceremony for Autism… Continue reading »

elmo wii controller cover

Review: Sesame Street Game for Wii

It’s been quite a while since my 5-year-old was into Elmo. A long while. But I still held out hope… Continue reading »

sarah palin on a boat

Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC

I can’t believe that Discovery Communications is actually going to air “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC Sunday, Nov. 14. But… Continue reading »

razor scooter giveaway

Razor Scooter Giveaway

I have something really good for Giveaway Monday this week. I’m giving away a 10th Anniversary Razor Scooter. My son… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

It’s Hard to Follow a Plan

Signing up to run the LA Marathon seemed like a good idea in August, but now that I’m several weeks… Continue reading »

michaels meetup in LA

Michael’s Meetup

I love to eat good meals, cook from interesting recipes and learn about food. Next week, I’m thrilled to say,… Continue reading »

razor bike happy kid

Razor Playdate

My younger son is shy and adorable, but when he warms up watch out. He’s full of energy and he’s… Continue reading »