Monthly Archives: July 2010

walking street sign

Nobody Walks in LA

I constantly go back and forth between loving and hating LA. When I have to drive somewhere at 4 p.m…. Continue reading »

mary kay mad men

Mad Men Casting Call

I just had to post this because I love this picture so much. My friend, Mary Kay Holmes of MommyToolbox,… Continue reading »

sister love

Sisterly Love

My sister gave her partner and me strict instructions; don’t let her give in to an epidural. I never imagined… Continue reading »

homegirl cafe

Homegirl Cafe

Yesterday, a group of some of my favorite bloggers joined me for lunch at the Homegirl Café. I was working… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

Road Trip to the Lilith Fair in a Chevy Malibu

Last weekend my friend Sarah Auerswald invited me to go with her to Lilith Fair along with Elise of Elise’s… Continue reading »

homegirl cafe drink

Tweetup at Homegirl Cafe!

If you’re in the mood for fabulous food and interesting conversation then please join me at the Homegirl Café on… Continue reading »

annette bening julianne moore

The Kids Are All Right

I can finally post about one of the best movies I’ve seen in many, many months. I went to a… Continue reading »

tucson chandelier

A Not So Adventurous Adventure

Well, I didn’t end up going to Tucson. Was it because I knew I had to take a stand no… Continue reading »