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star wars legos

A Little More Conversation, A Little Less Action

Here is how a typical conversation with my husband goes: Him: “Do you think we should put the good desktop… Continue reading »

kid playing basketball

The Great Momtini

I come from a sports family. My sister was a softball star, my oldest brother was a basketball and track… Continue reading »

kinect game for kids

Kinect and a Cirque "Inspired" event

School is winding down for my boys, which means there is a flurry of activity these last couple of weeks…. Continue reading »

trash for teaching

Trash for Teaching

On Wednesday, I had a group of friends over so we could introduce our kids to joys of playing with… Continue reading »


Arizona, Why Do You Have To Make It So Difficult?

Way back in the day when I was a young reporter in Illinois, I sang “Volver, Volver” with Cesar Rosas… Continue reading »

homeboy industries

Save Homeboy Industries!

Here is my latest post for LA Moms Blog about the financial crisis at Homeboy Industries. I’m organizing a tweetup… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

The Kids Are All Right

I found this preview last night and I was planning to write about how I really wanted to see this… Continue reading »

gluten free chicken nuggets

Homemade Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

I’m constantly trying to get my kids to eat what I cook for them and not dine on store bought… Continue reading »

Gforce movie

What is Appropriate?

What is appropriate? I’m asking myself this question after receiving a bizarre email from my son’s preschool. It asked if… Continue reading »