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My Week in Food and Drink

My week started last Sunday in the best possible way. After a lovely morning selling the Gluten-Free Goodies at the… Continue reading »

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Amelia’s Eating Made Easy

I absolutely love talking to Amelia. She has masters degrees in nutrition and public health and is one of the… Continue reading »

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Quinoa with Garlic, Spinach and Dried Cherries

I had a very busy weekend which meant I wasn’t around to cook for my kids. I had a pleasant… Continue reading »

McCann Family with Jamie and Ali

A Happy Ending

Long before I became a blogger or a mother, I was a newspaper reporter. When the earthquake in Haiti devastated… Continue reading »

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Wonderful News!! Friend’s Daughter is on Her Way Out of Haiti

I just talked to Lorraine and Samantha is on a plane and coming to the U.S.!!! She’ll arrive in Miami… Continue reading »

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LA Family Trying to Get Adopted Daughter Out of Haiti

I wanted to update the LA Moms Blog post from Friday about friends who are trying to get the girl… Continue reading »

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PBS and Food, Inc.

I have always loved food, both eating it and making it. But it wasn’t until I read Eric Schlosser’s book… Continue reading »

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BRESMA Orphanage

This blog appears to have current information about the status of the rescue. If you’d like to follow the… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

LA Moms Blog post: One Mother’s Struggle to Get Adopted Daughter Out of Haiti

This is the LA Moms Blogs about Lorraine’s struggle to get her daughter out of Haiti. CNN ran this… Continue reading »

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Friend’s Struggle to Get Daughter Safely Out of Haiti

The news footage from Haiti is almost unbelievable. Buildings in rubble, bodies and limbs scattered in the streets, children wailing…. Continue reading »

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got milk?

As I said in my previous post, 2010 is looking a lot like 2009. Just like last year, I made… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

It’s a New Year, But It’s The Same Old Me

I don’t make resolutions. The second I do I just want to break them. It’s like the time I joined… Continue reading »

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Brown Rice Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach

Last night I was feeling ambitious and bloated from the holidays so I made a light dinner for the family…. Continue reading »