Monthly Archives: October 2009

mar vista halloween festival flyer

Mar Vista Farmers’ Market

Dress the kids in costume and come on over to the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market for the Halloween Festival. You… Continue reading »

mickey mouse parade

Mickey Mouse, Trains, and My Mini Me

I didn’t tell my 4-year-old much about what we were doing on Wednesday, just that it was special and he… Continue reading »

roasted pears

Butternut Squash, Carmelized Pears, And One Unhappy 4-year-old

I felt so guilty about not cooking for the family last week, (I did give my mom helpful direction when… Continue reading »

cool pumpkin carving for got milk

The "Spooktacular Got Chocolate Milk Halloween Event" I went to

I’ve never been on a studio lot before, so I was thrilled to be invited to the “Got Milk” Halloween… Continue reading »

yvonne with big hair in high school

Big Hair and Good Friends

I’m really excited about this weekend. I’m heading off to my 20-year high school reunion in sunny Tucson, Arizona. There’s… Continue reading »

kid writing in spanish

If Only I Spoke Spanish This is my guest post for the website Spanglish Baby.

vons avocados

Vons/Pavilions "No-Cook" Cook-Off Challenge

Sometimes this mom blogger gig is pretty cool. Yesterday, I was a contestant in a “no-cook” cookoff sponsored by Vons…. Continue reading »